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It is not until becoming a talent agent that I am acutely aware of the unequal representation for actresses. I see on a daily basis more casting roles for males than females.

After all, the start of their journey is the same. They attend the same drama/musical theatre institutions, pay the same costly fees, and work just as hard to learn their craft. And yet when they graduate they are not given equal casting opportunities as their counterparts!

When we alI sit down to watch a film or a television drama, our minds don’t wonder to the fact that there is a lack of actresses, as we are too absorbed with the action and the story line. Or have we all become programmed to this being the norm?

This inequality is bad for our industry as it not only stunts the growth of actresses who want to be productive and have longevity throughout their careers, but it also distorts accuracy and meaningful representation to what an audience see on television and screen.

It was heartening to see the campaign Equal Representation For Actresses having their voice heard at the 2017 BAFTA’s. This is an organisation who simply want to see women represented on screen, in television and theatre, in equal number to men.

With the ongoing cause for more ethnic diversity especially after the Oscars controversy, it would be favourable to add equal representation for actresses to the plight.

Equal Representation for Actresses Information Sheet pdf