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Andy Moore shoots new Emmerdale episodes

Andy Moore who plays the semi-recurring character of PC Swirling in Emmerdale, returns to the ITV studios this month to shoot new episodes for the soap. Andy has played the village Constable since 2004.

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Cherrystars Agency rebrand as AAM Kids

We are super excited to of merged with the cutely talented Cherrystars Agency, now rebranded as AAM Kids. For 5 years Sharon Ballard and Amy Louise did an amazing job in developing the agency and nurturing these wonderful kids, some of whom have gone on to feature in...

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An exciting 2018 start for Vincent Vermignon

Within the first month of 2018, Vincent completed filming on the popular French television soap Plus Belle La Vie, playing a leading guest role Alpha, for France 3. He also filmed a guest role in LUTHER Series 5, and flew out to Budapest to join the cast of CBS RANSOM...

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Unequal Representation For Actresses Needs to Change

It is not until becoming a talent agent that I am acutely aware of the unequal representation for actresses. I see on a daily basis more casting roles for males than females. After all, the start of their journey is the same. They attend the same drama/musical theatre...

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