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Teatru Malta turns off the lights and tunes the audience to their other senses in a panto first!

Davinia Hamilton is currently in Malta playing to sold out audiences in a new and boundary breaking pantomime with an aim to create a show where everyone in the audience would have the same experience.

GAWGAW – Pantomime in the dark is the birth of a very different panto that puts inclusivity, and especially those who are visually impaired at the heart of the performance and takes place in pitch darkness from beginning to end.

Davinia is one of a fantastic cast of just four whose abilities at character doubling and vocal manipulation makes it seem as though there is a considerably larger number involved.

The show centres around the story of the Maltese monster, il-Gawgaw, that comes out once a year on Christmas Eve and possesses the body of an unwilling victim born on December 24, who then plays host to the villainous creature, which spends the night frightening people and leaves their victim battered, bruised and with no recollection of the night’s events!